Gordon, Espinoza Note a ‘Togetherness’ in the Squad

May 12th, 2017. Albuquerque, NM. From the second that Sol players began to arrive in Albuquerque this past Saturday, there’s been an instant bond between many of the Sol players both on and off the pitch. The team fared well against an FC Arizona Squad on Wednesday night who came into the contest on an 8 game winning streak. In fact, FC Arizona hadn’t allowed more than a goal all year in the NPSL, before falling to the young Sol 0-2. Granted, FC Arizona did not start all of their regular starters, however this was a Sol squad that had only been together for a couple of days and only held 3 training sessions going into kickoff on Wednesday Night. A 2-0 result was very satisfying for all of the Sol faithful.
Sol Team Bond
After Wednesday night’s victory, Coach Matt Gordon noted the camaraderie he saw in his post game comments. “There’s a great togetherness about this team. Even throughout the tough points in the game, they remained supportive of each other and together. It was really pleasing to see the organization and unity they have already.”
Sol FC General Manager Larry Espinoza noticed the bonding too. “There’s a ‘family’ vibe about this squad,” commented Espinoza. “They seem to all have connected instantly. There doesn’t seem to be cliques amongst players. On the road, players hang out out with guys that they don’t play in college with and will just go into whichever rooms in their down time. You don’t always see that in the PDL.”
The Sol will be hoping that the bonding of the players continues as they take the field against the Las Vegas Mobsters of the UPSL this Saturday at 7pm MDT at St Pius X High School. Gates open at 6pm.  Tickets are still available at AbqSolFC.com.
Albuquerque Sol FC is uniting and elevating New Mexico through the world’s most popular and beloved sport: Soccer/Futbol. The Sol embody the dynamic and diverse community that is New Mexico, representing people from all backgrounds and cultures united in one purpose: to celebrate the world’s game with New Mexico authenticity. Visit www.abqsolfc.com for more information.

The Sol play in the Premier Developmental League (PDL) of the United Soccer Leagues. The PDL is the top developmental men’s league in North America and features over 70 teams within four conferences across the United States and Canada. Visit www.uslpdl.com for more information. Approximately 70% of all players drafted into Major League Soccer (MLS) have played in the PDL. 

For more information on Albuquerque Sol FC, contact Ron Patel at info@AbqSolFC.com. 

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