Rise & Shine Movie w/ Jay DeMerit & the Sol!

Join us for a fun night out watching a soccer movie about an American legend, Jay DeMerit! And, get to meet him too as he will be answering questions, live in front of the audience, after the movie airs.

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Rise & Shine is the 21st century’s quintessential American narrative, a rags-to-riches tale about a teenager from Wisconsin who, with a bit of luck and a lot perseverance, realized his dream of playing professional football in Europe. Tutulugdzija, a former team-mate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Lewis meticulously trace Jay DeMerit’s career from an undrafted college graduate to the captain of Watford and a regular in the national team set-up. Interviews with the protagonist, his family, his English “family”, childhood friends, team-mates, coaches, and fans, reveal that DeMerit’s breakthrough was never a question of if he could cut it at the top level but when he would be given the opportunity to prove himself. Success was never guaranteed, but when the opportunities finally arrived DeMerit unequivocally seized the moments


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